You shouldn’t have to give up great meals just because of a food allergy.

At Betty Jean Cuisine, we create exquisite condiments that are allergen friendly...and made with plant-based ingredients. 


Kala Kleid, President and Founder

Growing up, I struggled with nut allergies, gluten intolerance and sensitivities to soy and dairy products.

I have spent countless hours walking up and down aisles of grocery stores, reading labels and putting back products. I have been annoyed, discouraged and disappointed by brand after brand because of their lack of appreciation for those of us with food sensitivities. It’s my mission to reinvent family favorite recipes that EVERYONE can enjoy. I’m dedicated to offering a brand that is plant-based, free from the top 9 allergens and, most importantly, delicious.


Jamie Kleid, Vice President of Marketing

I’ve struggled with weight most of my life. Eating healthy was a priority, but it was also a challenge for me.

As I watched Kala become extra conscious of what she put in her body for allergy reasons, I began to do the same. With a new found passion for running and eating food with clean ingredients, I lost 65 pounds and changed my lifestyle permanently. I am honored and proud to be a part of Betty Jean Cuisine, creating products that can positively impact others and that taste delicious, too.


Kevin Kleid, Vice President of Sales

As the youngest son of Betty Jean and proud father of Kala and Jamie, I consider myself the bridge between two generations of strong independent women who have a passion for preparing and eating healthy nutritious meals.

From childhood, Kala was determined that although she had dietary restrictions, she didn’t want to be excluded from eating what the rest of the family was having. I started creating meals we could all safely eat, which meant searching the grocery store aisles to find healthy, safe and delicious foods. This led us to create Betty Jean Cuisine. I’m committed to offering our valued customers peace of mind with their food choices.